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What we do

Enhancing the future of Australian healthcare

Creating change at the top

Making patient voices heard

At the APAA, we create efficiency for members and for government, helping streamline complex systems and processes to ensure the right voices are heard when it matters most.

We work with our member organisations to ensure meaningful and informed contributions to federal government health strategy and decision-making. Driving a culture of collaboration, openness and equality, our goal is to influence real change from the top down, forging a better future for every Australian living with complex and chronic disease.

The APAA patient advocacy process

The APAA advocates on behalf of our members to ensure:

Health policy

Health policy reflects the needs of the breadth of the Australian population by strengthening the voice of patients living with complex or chronic disease in the policy making process.

Health performance

Health performance measures drive better clinical practice and improved patient outcomes.

Health expenditure

Health expenditure is seen as an investment in a healthy Australia.

How we create change for members and patients

Monitoring the health context

Using a patient lens, we keep an eye on the views and activities of the government, the opposition, the health department and the external context to identify opportunities to advocate for policy change.

Collation of advocacy priorities

Our annual APAA summits and half-yearly workshops provide opportunities for member organisations to contribute to the key asks.

Government lobbying

Working above the disease, we provide a streamlined, coordinated and cohesive approach to government on behalf of all people living with complex and chronic disease.

Responsive advocacy

We provide submissions and present to committees on key government priorities on behalf of our members.
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