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Frequently asked questions

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What is the APAA?

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The Australian Patient Advocacy Alliance (APAA) is a not-for-profit collective of national health organisations, working together to represent more than 12 million Australians living with chronic disease.

We work alongside national peak advocacy organisations to achieve reforms in the Australian healthcare system. We provide a coordinated and cohesive approach to government on behalf of our members and the patients they represent.

We drive efficient and effective communication between member organisations and the federal government, allowing patient voices to make a meaningful impact on health strategy and decision making.

The APAA was formed by a group of CEOs who identified a need for an independent entity that works to represent all national peak advocacy organisations and their patients.

We work above the disease, collaborating with member organisations to provide better outcomes for all patients living with complex and chronic disease across Australia.
At the APAA, we create efficiency for members and for government, helping streamline complex systems and processes to ensure the right voices are heard when it matters most.

The APAA advocates on behalf of our members to ensure:

• Health policy reflects the needs of the breadth of the Australian population by strengthening the voice of patients living with complex or chronic disease in the policy making process.
• Health performance measures drive better clinical practice and improved patient outcomes.
• Health expenditure is seen as an investment in a healthy Australia.

The APAA welcomes membership applications from all national peak advocacy organisations.
APAA membership is open to all national peak health organisations that focus on advocacy for complex and chronic disease.

To enquire about joining the APAA, please contact us to check your eligibility.

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