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Annual Member Summit

An annual event to collaborate and find solutions that improve healthcare for people living with chronic disease

APAA Patient Advocacy Summit

14 - 15 september 2022

Our annual summit for members provided a forum for peak consumer health organisations to collaborate and determine shared issues and potential solutions to inform our advocacy strategy. This discussion was distilled into two focus areas with a vision designed to better support people living with chronic and complex disease ultimately leading to improved overall health and wellbeing.

Key focus areas

Health Technology Assessment Reform

The APAA seek an HTA system where patients are viewed as a third party in equal partnership with government and industry evidenced by a process that puts the authentic voices and experiences of patients at the very centre of decision making – every step, every element.

Equity of contribution to the HTA process will ensure what matters to patients is front and centre so that patients living with chronic and complex disease have timely, affordable access to personalised medicines and devices leading to optimal disease management.

Primary Care Reform

We join our voices to the many others that are looking for transformational change in Primary Care.

Our healthcare system is complex, fragmented and siloed and technology solutions are not always available or accessible, especially in rural areas. The APAA is seeking holistic, person-centred healthcare where every Australian receives the care they need – when needed, where needed, leading to improved health outcomes. This will, in turn, prevent exacerbation of chronic disease and minimise co-morbidities which ultimately impact the acute health sector.

Changes in funding and workforce in Primary Care will form the foundation for gold standard but economical healthcare that will build the capacity, health literacy and empowerment of patients to enable self-management of chronic and complex disease and inform decision making, leading to more effective disease management.

Our vision moving forward

The APAA wishes to work with the government to implement a long-term vision for healthcare provision enabled by a 10-year strategy with clear milestones at 2 years, 5 years. This strategy should be underpinned by the principles of value, inclusion of the patient voice and equity. The APAA will continue to advocate on behalf of our member organisations to achieve systemic change across the healthcare system.

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